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Because you are unique!

Smell unique with a perfume custom-made just for you

Imagine people complimenting you, telling you: you smell great, and then ask you what perfume you are wearing, and with a calm, confident smile, you answer: it’s my unique custom-made perfume.

Nobody will ever smell the same as you


With Essential oils

No harmful chemicals


You can choose from our pre-made unique selections

Made with care, uniqueness and passion

How it works?

Fill out the questionnaire and answer questions about yourself, your personality, and your preferences.

You can either order your 30ml perfume bottle or 5ml sample.

You can keep ordering your unique perfume for a lifetime period.

Designer perfumes

Our perfumes

Why we are unique?

Hand-Custom-made for you

Personalized made with care and love to match your own personality

No toxic chemicals

Free from parabens, silicone, and phthalate and other hormone disruptors

Natural based

Made with the help of high-quality natural pure essential oils

You are unique!

You always wanted to be special, unique, and unforgettable! Now it's your chance!


Our Happy Clients

"First time in my life I'm happy with a perfume."
Zsuzsanna tóth

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